Fruit Stripe Gum SweaterΒ 

Remember Fruit Stripe Gum? The gum that was delicious for literally 0.97 seconds then tasted like plastic? When I saw this sweater during the holiday season in a window display at the Gap, I instantly had to have it, because it reminded me of said gum, but unlike the gum, I figured this sweater would have longevity in my clothing arsenal because of the dozens of possibilities I can pair it with! Also can you tell I was battling a fucking horrible cold when these pictures were taken? Be honest. πŸ˜‚

I’ll be real with ya’ll, I haven’t stepped into a Gap in quite awhile. Their stuff is extremely boring and their clothes run exceptionally large *shakes fist at vanity sizing again* but I went in to get this sweater, unfortunately no XS or smalls to be had. I ended up ordering it online, and decided to roll the dice with a small, because XS was completely out of stock. I would have liked the XS, but it’s cozy and comfy.

On my Instagram, I said this burgundy repp stripe and crest Izod bowtie was straight out of Hogwarts, and it does have that vibe, but “Dead Poets Society” could also work.

With the bistre chinos from Original Penguin (I highly recommend this brand for folx on the smaller side. They have 30-inch inseams! 😍) I opted for my olive drab Chucks on my feet.

Let Me Tell You About My Robot Pants

Just writing the title of this blog post got me singing like Butters in one of the best episodes of South ParkΒ ever, so while I try to get that catchy song out of my head let’s talk about this outfit!

Who doesn’t love a critter chino? When I saw these at Original Penguin a few months back I had to have these pants featuring robots, planets (Saturn and Neptune) and rocket ships these were a must buy for me. They were in the window display and I probably looked like Ralphie wanting his Red Ryder BB gun in A Christmas Story. I’m really obsessed with robots and the combination of robots and preppy chinos made this boi jump for joy. However, they were $95 and this boi is a cheap bastard. I ended up waiting two months and scored them online during Black Friday with free shipping for $60.

The first time I wore these, I definitely wanted to highlight the whimsy of the pants, so I kept it neutral with this short sleeve half button chambray shirt that I got super cheap ($8) at Target while buying La Croix. The men’s stuff at Target is hit or miss, especially when it comes to fit (Smalls tend to be a victim of vanity sizing thus too big for my small frame), but this was definitely a home run, because this impulse buy has turned into one of my favorite shirts. This time I paired it with a navy and white gingham self tie bow tie from Tommy Hilfiger and shades from H&M.

Masculine dressy shoes for tiny feet are really hard to find, now I got some tiny ass feet. Case in point, I fit in a 3 or 4 (depending on the style) in Converse. These Wanted brand vegan leather oxfords come in a bunch of colors so I had to pick up a few pairs at Macy’s. Funky socks are always a must; these are from Swedish brand Happy Socks.

The watch is the Game Starter by Swatch, which was apart of their Mystery Vintage 2016. I know it’s called the Game Starter, but I got some awesome motorcycle racing vibes from this chronograph.