Let’s Talk Purple and Pink

I live in the land of the Mouse (Orlando, FL) and even in February it doesn’t really get cold here. It’s so unfortunate for a former Northeastern person who absolutely loves to layer, but in the time that I’ve lived here, I’ve learned how to layer without feeling like I was in one of those cooking bags you put a pot roast in.

I absolutely adore this women’s hacking jacket that I bought at Banana Republic. The pictures pick up the light blue, purple, and peach flecks more, but in person it’s very subtle. Traditionally, hacking jackets are supposed to be less formal, but this makes me feel uber dressed for some reason. I’m thinking the length has something to do with it.

Dark Purple is a color that I really don’t wear a lot of, so a few weeks ago I went on a quest to slowly introduce it into my wardrobe. For me this means a tie and pocket square. I’ve previously paired this short sleeve (Remember comfortable layering!) Original Penguin “Pink Icing” shirt with a lavender bow tie last summer, but I was looking for something more dramatic for the winter months.

If he wore bow ties, Gordon Gekko would be all over this.

I’m not really a fan of pre tied bow ties. However, I’m also not going to sound like a GQ dick and say, “Don’t wear them, they’re gauche.” Besides, it’s ableist as fuck, because some folx can’t physically tie a tie. If I like the pattern on a bow tie and it just so happens to be a pre tied, I’m going to still get it and add it to my collection. That’s what happened here with this one by Countess Mara. I was thinking of the shirt and hacking jacket and knew it would come together. There are ways to make a pre tied bowtie look more “natural”and less like something on a ventriloquist dummy. I usually “fluff” my tie a bit and fan it slightly out.

Remember when I said I felt uber dressed up in this outfit? Well, I needed something to off set that on a day where I’m just driving around doing errands, so I suited up with these Chuck Taylors that are seriously channeling Monet.

This is kind of a tip to my fellow masc individuals: Don’t be afraid of pinks and purples. I don’t know what it is, but a lot of butches, bois, etc. avoid these colors like the plague. I’m not about to go on a rant about toxic masculinity, but you know where I’m going with this. Embrace colors you wouldn’t usually wear.