Just Try And Grab Me By The Pussy Bowtie

I bought this awesome kitty print bowtie last year right before A-Camp. I previously had my eye on aΒ scissor print bowtie at Brooks Brothers, but I couldn’t justify paying $75 for a crass joke of a tie; instead I saw this “pussy” tie at Kohl’s of all places for a cool $20 on sale. True story, your dad’s go-to store when he needs new jeans actually has some pretty amazing and dapper AF bowties and they’re usually on sale, because the average Kohl’s customer only wears a tie when they have to. I rarely shop at Kohl’s except to search for bowties, but every time I’m in there they’re playing Michael Buble…

I never thought this tie would end up being a political statement, but here we are with a sexual abuser in the White House who thinks it’s fine to grab people by their genitals.

I got this buttery soft, teal, quasi dark green gingham women’s “boyfriend fit” (I can’t stand when brands use this heteronormative term to describe a style) shirt from Banana Republic last year and I usually pair it with a sold burgundy knit tie, but I was in a pattern mixing mood hence the kitty tie! The rust chinos are from Forever 21 Men. I purchased these last year and they wear and wash great especially considering they were under $30. You probably know this already, but clothing marketed towards men is 10000x better in quality than clothing made for women. This is misogynistic as all hell, but it’s the truth especially when it comes to fast fashion places like Forever 21 and H&M.

I started collecting sneakers in 1999 with Adidas Superstars being my favorite kicks in middle school. While I’m mostly a Chuck Taylor fiend now, I still have love for shell toes and they’re back like crazy replacing Stan Smiths for 2017. I picked up these unique two tone colorway Superstars way back in 2003 and kept them fresh since then.

When I wear these out, I get a lot of people asking about them. This time one dude while I was pumping gas said, “Go ‘Noles!” and then wanted to buy them off of me. Sorry bro, not for sale.