I’m Ron Burgundy??

I finally pulled the trigger on getting a Sprezzabox; you know that subscription service for dapper folks (or aspiring dapper folks) to up their game but in the process end up dressing like everyone else who signs up for the service? I was able to get April’s box for $8 and ya’ll know I love a good deal and I’m always on the hunt for a good bargain.

Your dad probably loves this show

This month’s box was The Blacklist theme, I’ve watched this show a few times, I do love James Spader and the items in this box were inspired by his character. There’s tons of gems in this box that definitely make it worth not only $8 but the usual $28. There was an awesome pair of sunglasses, a tie bar, a pocket square, a pair of socks, a money clip, and a great tie.

When I ordered the box, I loved the navy with red polka dot Slate & Stone socks, but I figured they wouldn’t fit me, because of my little boi feet. You folks have no idea how excited I was when I tried them on and they actually FIT my feet! It’s a Dapper AFAB miracle!

One size DOES fit all 😊

The tie is a bit on the conservative side for me, but I love blending “banker” type ties with some streetwear looks. I’m all about skinny ties, so this 2.5 incher is as wide as I’ll go.

I paired it with a very dark blue short sleeve chambray, my Original Penguin bistre chinos (My favorite neutral non-denim pants), and upped the casual factor with my burgundy Vans Dazie-Hi sneakers, and burgundy shades from H&M that I purchased last year.

Burgundy is a great color, and I do wear it a lot in the autumn. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of the tie when October rolls around when I can properly wear it under a navy cardigan or with my gorgeous chocolate brown corduroy Tommy Hilfiger blazer.  I’m on those Florida Summertime Vibes right now, this tie is all about crunchy leaves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. We’ll meet up again in a few months.


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