The Pocket Tomboy Finally Talks About Actual Pockets

Is this the first time the Pocket Tomboy is going to be talking about actual pockets on this blog? Yup and they’re tiny pockets on the side of sneakers! KangaRoos reached peak popularity back in the 1980s, I missed their heyday because I was too busy being born to worry about hot kicks. I did however get this pair when the brand was making a comeback in the early Aughts; I bought these in 2003. I never knew about these shoes until I saw an episode of I Love the ’80s on VH1 during the same time. I remember I wanted some wild ’80s colorway that Punky Brewster would have worn, because these shoes are reminiscent of the decade that brought us Aqua Net and Acid Wash. It probably goes without saying, but in the 14 years that these have been in my collection, I haven’t worn hot pink and lime green sneakers all that often.

They sell KangaRoos at Payless now for like $30 and I can’t speak for the quality of those, but the ones that were made in 2003 are pretty great, I remember them being not even close to $30 though. In fact, I saved up some cash from working at my dad’s interior decorating business hanging up vertical blinds over the Summer of 2003 to buy these for school because my parents thought they were ugly and expensive; they were totally right.

Straight Outta a 1980s Safe Sex Ad

You can put various things inside of the pocket, I remember on that episode of I Love the ’80s they mentioned that people would put a condom in the pocket, I tried it and…it’s a snug fit, I would definitely not recommend putting one in there. Some loose change and maybe a few bills? Go right ahead, but be prepared to get some looks when you go down to your feet to pay for your almond milk latte at Starbucks.

Ya’ll know I love me some pink and blue, so I paired these super hot pink sneakers with my bright blue Original Penguin chinos and  this dark blue with multicolor pindot shirt.

Yeah, yeah, you can see me holding my phone in my sunglasses 😂

I’m stepping out with more dramatic pattern clashes this spring. I’ve previously worn this shirt with a solid light green bow tie, but this time I went with a light blue floral one by Tommy Hilfiger.

The multicolor pindots on this shirt can pretty much pair with anything; even though I have a lot of clothes I buy pieces that can be worn in many ways with different color palettes. 

If you’re starting to rebuild your wardrobe keep that in mind. Buy pieces that are affordable and can be worn dozens of ways depending on the mood you’re in! I’ve worn this shirt with green chinos, white shorts, pink shorts, you name it. You don’t need an extensive wardrobe to have fun and to create tons of different outfits! 👍


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