In a Big Country

I’ve been collecting sneakers actively since the late 1990s and I have most of my shoes from my early days of collecting; with an exception of a pair of Boston Bruins colorway Adidas Sambas that I wore the fuck out of in middle school that my mother threw away. I really wish I still I had those. Most of my shoes don’t have cool stories attached to them, unless you think “I picked them up at Finish Line” or “I ordered them online” are cool stories (bro). However, these fresh AF, 16-year-old Adidas Country kicks were purchased out of necessity while on a family vacation in St. Maarten.

These shoes are old enough to drive me around

When you’re an adult and an airline or cruise ship misplaces your luggage that’s pretty damn awful, but when you’re 14 it’s a downright tragedy. All I had to wear on a Caribbean cruise was a black zip up hoodie, a pair of corduroy pants, an Orgy t-shirt, and Dr. Martens (My outfits were very questionable then, I was 14). Really NOT something for a fun in the sun vacation during the holidays. I was given $200 for clothes which was pretty nice of the cruise line, so when we got to St. Maarten I hit up a shop that had some decent threads as opposed to tourist t-shirts that say “One Tequila Two Tequila Three Tequila FLOOR”. I picked up these Brasil-inspired Adidas Country shoes, a few pairs of shorts, and some t-shirts. To make a long story slightly shorter, my luggage never made it on the ship for the entire week and it was safe at a holding facility when we arrived back at the original port. 😑 When I came back, I donated the cords, the hoodie, the Orgy t-shirt, the Dr. Martins, and everything else from that trip EXCEPT these awesome Adidas Country shoes.

Yes, I do smile 😊😋

I paired the shoes with this navy, green, and yellow plaid shirt that I got from the Gap when I picked up this awesome shirt about a month ago. It’s a kid’s size XXL (I’m a big kid now!) and fits just like a men’s XS from the Gap. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I don’t really shop at the Gap, but recently I’ve been finding some cheap outlet gems. 

I’m in love with these UNIQLO selvedge skinny tapered jeans. Because I’m still breaking them in (I’ll do a blog post about these bad boys in a few weeks), my go-to pair of Hudson Nico jeans have been given a bit of a break.

Literally a second after this picture was taken my cat attacked this bow tie

I originally was going to wear a navy knit bow tie, but after putting it on I wasn’t feeling the understated look; especially with the loud yellow shoes, so I decided on this light yellow, pre tied one from Bow Tie Tuesday that I received as a gift a year ago and went funky with a pattern clash. I’m a fan of a pattern clash, in this case a plaid and a thin stripe if the outfit is casual. 


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