Baby You Can Drive My Car

I love cars, but I’m definitely not going to change your oil while wearing this “Connecticut Casual” outfit. I would, however help you change a tire though by calling AAA. 

Bright pink and bright blue are definitely one of my favorite color combos for springtime. I just can’t have bad vibes when I’m wearing this pink and white gingham oxford from Ralph Lauren that I picked up last year. It’s a piece that does get a lot of use in my wardrobe. I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy or what, but I feel as though Ralph Lauren Blue Label shirts in women’s size small, men’s size extra small, and boys’ large are all cut the same. I have one of each and yes, they fit similar. The only difference were the price points and give or take some tail length. This shirt I’m wearing is a women’s small, but Ralph Lauren (minus the women’s only Lauren line) keeps it neutral with the buttons on the right side. I don’t care about that sort of thing, because I fit well in men’s and boys’ shirts, and will buy a women’s shirt if I like it, but if you’re a woman or an AFAB person who wants to wear more masculine shirts and has a hard time fitting into ones made for cis men, I highly suggest the traditional oxfords for women from Ralph Lauren. Most don’t have darting, the collar comes up higher and tighter on the neck so you can wear a neck or bow tie, and like I said previously, the buttons are on the right side!

Beep! Beep!

I received an email from J. Crew Factory (Why must I give my email to every store I shop at? 🤔) a few weeks ago notifying me of a flash sale. I saw this tie for “adults” and it was one of those ties I had to have. I’m really into cars (and critter ties) but the cars on this tie are goofy looking hatchbacks (They kind of look like BMW Isettas) which made me love it even more. Before I checked out, I clicked on the crewcuts section and found the EXACT tie for much cheaper. I thought, “Fuck, I’m short, this tie will definitely work.” It’s a 52 inch tie, which is just slightly shorter than a standard one. It’s skinnier than the adult tie, which is fine because I do prefer thinner ties, but it’s roughly 2 inches, not some micro thin tie, and it’s still 100% silk! Plus, it was $10 with free shipping!

I don’t own a BMW, but these Puma Drift Cat 5 BMW Motorsport driving shoes are perfect for when I’m hitting the pedals of my sensible Subaru Impreza hatchback and bobbing and weaving through the Trader Joe’s parking lot to find a damn space.

0 due at signing Low APR

The shoes are done in a gorgeous BMW navy that I would definitely pick as an exterior color for a 7-series if I ever decided to daily drive one, but knowing how quickly they depreciate and how they’re mechanical nightmares, I’ll stick with the maintenance free shoes thank you very much! Plus, no financing required! 

I love that these shoes have actual mini BMW emblems on the side; not a decal or embroidered on. That’s a big deal considering that these are actually the youth version of the adult shoes and a lot of times manufacturers cut corners when making stuff marketed towards the kiddos. Kudos to Puma to keeping them authentic!

This isn’t a shoe I would normally wear, but I’m actually starting to like this style. It’s that in between of a casual sneaker and an oxford that you can dress up or down. If Puma decides to partner up with Subaru, I’ll be the first to get a pair of those! 


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