Flower Power

Spring is here! I’ll be real with you, since moving to Florida I don’t really get excited about the change of season, because we just go from warm to hot, but I do like to bring out patterns that are more warm-weather appropriate during this time. Like this totally groovy floral shirt from the Gap that I got several years ago (Inside tag says this was from 2013 but it’s channeling 1973).

Nixon Era Vibes

This shirt rarely sees some play time, but I couldn’t get rid of it during several of my closet cleanses (I have a hard time getting rid of clothes that I don’t wear anymore, just ask the skirts I still have in there! πŸ˜‚) or put it on Poshmark, because everyone needs a shirt that will make them feel like a member of the Partridge Family. This shirt is way too busy for a tie in my opinion and the slightly wide, retro collar would look so out of place with the skinny and slim ones I have in my wardrobe. I buttoned this up all the way (air tie) for a more modern take, but this could definitely be worn with a few buttons undone, but I probably would be quoting Austin Powers all day.  I tucked the shirt in for a more polished look, but really it’s because this shirt got hella big on me since the last time I wore it. This is a size small “boyfriend fit” (πŸ˜‘) shirt and it’s cut very big in the body. 

I have quite a few pairs of Hot Sox Artist Series socks, my favorite being Edvard Munch’s The Scream, but with this green heavy outfit, I went with “A green hilly view of Mt. Fuji over a lake” paired with my Wanted oxfords.

It might not be your jam, but try getting out of your comfort zone this season and incorporate prints and patterns you don’t usually go to. I’m not saying to jump into the waters of ’70s-inspired shirts if that’s too much for you, but try branching out. ✌️


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