Now Available in Stunning 3D! (No, not really)

Remember the joy you felt when you shook a box of cereal and an “awesome”prize was inside? That was the joy I felt when I saw this Original Penguin micro print oxford from their 3D collection. I would have bought the shirt no matter what because of my rabid obsession over micro prints, but just like the prizes in a cereal box, this shirt came with something useless. A pair of cheesy 3D glasses to use to view a small row of 3D penguins on the inside of the shirt! Ridiculous? Yes, yet it made me want the shirt even more!

Technology from the future!

“Let me look at the inside of my shirt with my 3D glasses.” Said NOBODY EVER.

Enough with the gimmicks, let’s talk about the outfit! I’ve worn this shirt a few times, sometimes with my trusty dark denim Hudson jeans or a pair of pomegranate chinos from Original Penguin, and always with a different tie, but this time I wanted to do a blue on blue look with a hint of red.

I feel like I say I have small feet in every post, and although it’s harder to find good wingtips for small feet than it is to find Bigfoot (Thank you, I’m here all week), I’m blessed, or as the kids say, #blessed that I can snag some awesome kicks that are only available in kids size like these quilted and fleece-lined Chucks.

I bought these in 2015 and it’s so unfortunate that I don’t wear them often, because the color palette in my closet lands on the blue side of things which is perfect for these quilted bad bois, but the words fleece-lined and Florida are rarely spoken in the same paragraph.

Back in my younger days when I first came out, I leaned towards being a “lip gloss lesbian” because I was still somehow holding onto the closeted version of myself. During this time I was into designer bags. This of course was 2006-2007 at the peak of the Coach, Dooney & Bourke yada yada yada logo madness era. I’m proud of my former femme self, and I’m really proud that I somehow managed to not wear Ugg boots during this period. I still use bags from time to time, but I lean towards crossbody bags.

“It’s called a satchel.”

This Coach Charles Varsity stripe crossbody was a gift. Personally, I would never drop a lot of money on bags now, but I was told that they “Bought it at a Coach outlet and it was heavily discounted.” Even if it wasn’t a gift, I might have splurged on this bag, or do what I usually do: Want something, leave the store then two days later go back to buy it. Like I previously stated, I wear tons of blue; it’s the warmest color after all 😉😂, so this bag practically pairs with everything in my closet, and my butt doesn’t look bulgy anymore from my phone and keys jammed in the back pocket of my jeans or pants.


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