Doodle Duds

I’m honest about my obsession with all-over micro print shirts. If you peep at my closet (Which maybe I should open up for a blog post?), you’ll see a metric shit ton (correct measurement) of micro print shirts; all categorized. Transportation, Animals, Pindot…you get the idea. However, this kids’ chambray from Quiksilver that I got from a clearance rack at a surf/skate shop fits in none of these categories, because the prints are random as all fuck just like the doodles on a math notebook of a bored middle schooler.

Tacos and cocks. No, my mind is NOT in the gutter…

Did you ever want a shirt with pelicans, pizzas, tacos, volcanoes, chickens, The Eye of Providence, skulls, arrows, horseshoes, tiki gods, palm trees, wishbones, and Quiksilver logos?

Yeah, I didn’t think I wanted a shirt like that either, nor did I think something like this existed, but I’m really glad it does, because it’s such a fun shirt to wear on a day where I don’t feel like slapping on the dapper duds. I paired it with some basic black skinny jeans for a theme park excursion.

If he didn’t wear the same red t-shirt and blue shorts for close to 30 years, I feel that Bart Simpson might have worn the shirt I have on. I don’t really wear these Chucks enough and I’m trying to always find ways to get them out there, but Bart doesn’t really work with bow ties. I bought them back in 2014 when Converse collaborated with The Simpsons to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary. With my outfits, I always like to add a bit of personality or humor (hence the love of micro prints). I figured, “I’m wearing a shirt that’s made for a 12-year-old boy, why not go all out and whip out the Bart kicks!”


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