Fruit Stripe Gum Sweater 

Remember Fruit Stripe Gum? The gum that was delicious for literally 0.97 seconds then tasted like plastic? When I saw this sweater during the holiday season in a window display at the Gap, I instantly had to have it, because it reminded me of said gum, but unlike the gum, I figured this sweater would have longevity in my clothing arsenal because of the dozens of possibilities I can pair it with! Also can you tell I was battling a fucking horrible cold when these pictures were taken? Be honest. 😂

I’ll be real with ya’ll, I haven’t stepped into a Gap in quite awhile. Their stuff is extremely boring and their clothes run exceptionally large *shakes fist at vanity sizing again* but I went in to get this sweater, unfortunately no XS or smalls to be had. I ended up ordering it online, and decided to roll the dice with a small, because XS was completely out of stock. I would have liked the XS, but it’s cozy and comfy.

On my Instagram, I said this burgundy repp stripe and crest Izod bowtie was straight out of Hogwarts, and it does have that vibe, but “Dead Poets Society” could also work.

With the bistre chinos from Original Penguin (I highly recommend this brand for folx on the smaller side. They have 30-inch inseams! 😍) I opted for my olive drab Chucks on my feet.


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